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Generics are not inferior to brand-name drugs, as some people mistakenly believe. Pharmaceutical companies often use an improved formula for their production, so in some cases, generic drugs surpass their brand-name counterparts in some specific point, for example, some generics have an increased duration time. All generics are manufactured by Indian companies, under the strict control of the state. Each generic drug meets all the requirements of the FDA, performs all the same functions, and is produced according to the same (or improved) formula as its brand-name counterpart.

The pharmaceutical company must invest in the research & development of drugs, as well as issue a patent for its production. All these operations cost a lot of money, which ultimately results in the final cost of the drug. All funds spent on the research and development as well as the patent have already been included in the cost of branded drugs. But patents do not last forever, and when their term ends, any company can produce generic drugs using a similar formula to branded drugs, providing people with efficient and cheap medications. You pay only for medication, not for marketing or productions costs.

As mentioned above, the quality of generics is not inferior to their branded counterparts. In many cases, pharmaceutical companies make changes to the formula of medicine, giving it some benefits, such as an extended period of action or a more effective action of the active substance by combining it with auxiliary substances. Another advantage of generics over branded counterparts can be a more convenient form of drug release. All these positive sides make generic medicines a much more attractive choice.

All generic drugs presented here are approved by the FDA. The quality of our products and the safety of our customers are our priorities.

The soft drug release form is another advantage of generics over their branded counterparts. The main difference between the soft forms of the medicine and ordinary tablets is their improved rate of absorption, an accelerated start time of action, as well as a more convenient method of administration. Depending on the drug, many companies add different tastes, making it more enjoyable.

It all depends on the specific drug, your weight, and age. As you can see, quite a few factors must be observed to achieve the best result, so you should consult with your doctor to determine your exact dosage. Try to start with small doses, gradually increasing the dosage until you achieve optimal results. Among other things, this approach will allow you to save on tablets.

Just as with the choice of the correct dosage, it is better to provide the selection of a certain medicine to your doctor. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary health problems and mistakes when ordering drugs. But if you have no such opportunity, you can always order any medicine without the need for a prescription.

The simplest method to determine the exact cost of order delivery is to add goods to the cart and proceed to payment. In this case, the system will calculate the shipping cost automatically, since it depends on many factors, such as the product you choose, the country of destination, as well as the delivery method you preferred.

We ship orders worldwide. But, we strongly advise you, before ordering, contact our support service and clarify the possibility of delivery to your region. It will eliminate the possibility of further misunderstandings.

Your anonymity and confidentiality are very important to us. Therefore, we pack all your orders in discreet packages that do not contain any information about the product you ordered.

We guarantee you that in case of non-delivery, loss or damage to your parcel, we will send you a new one, or refund you the money. An important fact is that if there were more than 100 tablets in the order, then it is divided into several packages.

In case of delay of your parcel at customs, you will receive a notification. You will be required to permit the inspection your parcel. Usually, after this procedure, the parcel is given to the owner, but if you encounter problems, contact our support team, we will help you.

We try to provide the highest quality service to our customers. If necessary, we will reship your package free.

Do not forget that if you have chosen Express delivery when ordering your goods, then you have the opportunity to track your package with a special tracking code. If you decided to use regular delivery, do not forget that the maximum delivery time, in this case, is 30 business days. If after this period your package has not been delivered, please contact our support service, we will send you the package again. We understand that in this situation there may be certain inconveniences for you, so re-sending the parcel will be trouble-free for you.

You can choose from two shipping methods. The first is standard airmail delivery. The delivery time is from 12 to 21 days, and the deadline, in this case, can be 30 days. Also note that when using this method, you will not be able to track your package. The second method is trackable express delivery. As the name implies, in this case, it is possible to track the parcel using a special code. The delivery time is from 5 to 9 days, and the maximum delivery time can reach 14 days.

Trying to provide the most comfortable service to our customers, we guarantee you a full refund of your funds, in case of non-delivery of your parcel. Or, if you wish, we will send you a new parcel for free.

Everything is very simple. First, you need to decide on the product you want to order and then click on the “Buy” button. After that, you will need to choose the number of pills you need and click on the “checkout” button. Enter all the necessary information in the field provided, check it to avoid further problems, then click on the “confirm transaction” button. In case the payment was successful, you will receive an instant confirmation on the email you provided when ordering the goods.

We accept all credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard etc. Payment is also possible with the help of Bitcoin or E-Checks.

Immediately after you click on the “confirm order” button, during the registration of your order, the information will be transferred to our processing center for verification. After this procedure, your credit card will be immediately charged. Once the payment is confirmed, your order will be approved and shipped.

Detailed information on these issues can be found in the specialized section of our site called “Refund and Order Cancellation Policies”.

We guarantee a full refund of your money in case your package is not delivered on time.

You can easily track your package by contacting our support team. You also have the option of tracking the parcel via the website in the Order Options section.

Our support team is available 24/7 and is always happy to help you on any matter. You can use live chat with a specialist, or call the number mentioned in contacts.
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